Ayurvedic Blend

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Ayurvedic Blend

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest, famous doctrine of life and health.

Ayur (life) and Ved(knowledge) and can be translated as the “science of life”. Incorporating this doctrine can help one achieve optimal health, energy and balance in life.

Ayurvedic blending can help enhance energy, promote emotional well-being, aid digestion, cleanse the body, calm nerves, or provide other types of health benefits.

The essence of the Ayurvedic doctrine is that the Doshas (energies) should be harmoniously balanced and this can be supported with the help of certain herbs and spices in our healing honey.

You will find the perfect balance for your energy in our Ayurvedic Honey Infusions. 

Choose From:

Cinnamon Maca (Energizing! and increases Libido)

Black Salted Lava (Hawaiian Sea Salt with Activated Charcoal-Detoxing!)

Echinacea (Helps support Immunity)

Ginger-Turmeric (Detoxing and anti-inflammatory power-house!) 

Mint Matcha (Aids in digestion and packed with antioxidants) 

Lemon Ginger (Cleanses the liver and aids in digestion)

Orange Ginseng (Energy booster, increases immunity and reduces stress)


*Send me a message after ordering to specify which blend you want!