Jeannine Haupts is representing Beeyond the Hive (Colorado's oldest honey company), taking their raw honey, straight from the hive, and infusing it with natural herbs/spices. 

The honey is carefully heated to a low temperature (115°F) and then cooled in a sterilized jar with the herb/spice.

Each ingredient(s) used in the fusion process is wrapped in a pouch and then left to be extracted in the prepared honey jar. (Like steeping tea)   

Infusing herbs and spices in good-quality honey is an AMAZING way to preserve the herbs healing qualities while extracting the nutritional benefits of the added herb/spice.


Who is Jeannine?

Owner/Operator of I  Honey & Co.

Jeannine lives and runs operations near the Denver area. She manages her Roadside Honey Stand in the summer months and distributes local honey to retail markets around the Evergreen area. 

Getting into the honey business was random.

Her passion for health and wellness was what led to choosing raw honey. 

"I was looking for ways to get into the health and wellness business and decided buying a product in bulk and altering it to an enhanced/customized version would be the way to go."

After taking a bee-keeping class and having fantasies of harvesting her own honey, she quickly realized how time consuming and expensive the process would be. She decided to skip the production side of things and go straight to the market. She contacted a local apiary and started off with buying their raw honey by the 5 gallon bucket. The possibility to enhance the honey with natural herbs and spices was exciting and it became a goal to get into the hands (and bodies) of her friends and customers. 


Jeannine is making her infused honey available to anyone!

Honey is now sold online; for anyone cross country. You can find jars in local artisan and farmer's markets, and hand-delivered around the Denver area-get in touch!